Multi-function CRM Software: How good is it?

Описание If you think CRM software is over-priced, too difficult to install and too difficult to operate-you only know the half of it according to a survey base of almost 1,300 CRM software customers. Their input is reported in the 2001-2002 version of the study,"Multi-function CRM: How good is it?" This study is the first objective and statistically valid measurement of buyer reaction to CRM software as a category and their opinion of eight leading brands (FrontRange, Onyx, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Pivotal, SalesLogix, SAP, and Siebel Systems). Here's a sampling of the study findings:

Siebel is not the CRM software industry customer satisfaction leader.

CRM systems by ERP vendors Oracle and SAP may be causing more problems than they solve.

CRM software customers want simpler systems-but not at the cost of reducing adaptation that provides the functionality they need.

Sales and marketing appear more responsible for market share than system performance.

CRM vendors aren't listening to CRM customers.

And beyond these highlights, the study delves into a whole range of issues from what CRM buyers are really asking for to vendor marketing strategies. After reading all the pertinent information in the study, you'll be prepared to:

Be alert to problem areas with CRM software.

Separate fact from fiction in vendor sales presentations.

Ask pointed questions.

Obtain the right commitments.

Get the system you need, not what software vendors want to sell you.

If you're selecting CRM software, this study with over 100 pages of valuable information can help you avoid the huge financial and human resource waste that results from inappropriate software selection and give you tools to see through "sales fluff" to find software that really meets your needs.

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